Dynamite Wagon

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The dynamite wagon can be added to the train to produce dynamite. The wagon will produce dynamite every 35 seconds once a single piece of iron is loaded onto the cart.

Dynamite can be picked up by players once the wagon’s timer goes down to 3. Once picked up, it cannot explode until it is dropped by either the player or by someone who bumped into them by dashing. Any stone, trees, or creatures that get caught within its blast radius will instantly be destroyed and drop their resources, but items on the ground will remain intact. Any player caught in its range will also be destroyed but will respawn and be suspended in the air by a parachute and unable to move for a short while.

When the wagon is upgraded the dynamite will become more powerful, creating a larger blast radius. This means that more resources will become easily available, but the dynamite will be harder to avoid dying to, especially above tier 3.

The best strategical use for the dynamite is to make a path to a dense area with a lot of resources and put the dynamite in the middle. Eg Level 1 Dynamite = 2 deep hole, Level 2 Dynamite = 3 deep hole Ect.

*Note Supercharged Dynamite is yellow in colour.

The Dynamite Wagons.
Wagon Tier Blasting radius Blasting Diameter Cost
1 1 3 2
2 2 5 2
3 3 7 3
4 (Supercharged) 4 9 -
5 (2x Supercharged) 5 11 -

ru:Взрывчатый вагон