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There are five different game modes available: Endless, Versus, Quick, Sandbox and Time. All game modes can be played either locally or online. In local lobbies, players can start a game by themselves and will be given a robot lackey that can be commanded by holding up a paddle of the action they wish the robot to take. Online lobbies are focused on matchmaking with other players however, and require another player to begin a game. A player can still be accompanied by the robot in an online match, but only once all the other players have left.


In endless, the players begin in the Grass biome and have to progress as far as they can. At each map segment, they can either complete the train track to the station on the right or build at the map border. If they build at the border, the station disappears and the next segment flies in. If they build to the station, they enter the shop mode. In both cases, the train increases its speed.

At the station, the players can use Bolts to upgrade their train or to buy a new engine. When buying a new engine, the next map segment progresses to the next biome and the train speed resets to a lower value.

Endless mode can be won by collecting all special bolts (one per biome) and upgrading the engine six times.


In versus, 2-4 players pick sides (Top or Bottom; Team 1 or Team 2) in a 2v2 map. The players start in a random biome (depending on the difficulty) and are generated identical maps in a split-screen style fashion. This is less than half the width of in the other game modes such that it fits on a single screen. The goal is to outrun the opposite team by either connecting first to the station or by surviving longer than the opponent team or (in case both trains crash at the same time) by crashing further to the right.

Versus can only be played with at least two players (one on each side). If a team has only one player, the robot is substituted as the second and can be commanded by the (single) player in the same team.


In quick, the players start in a random biome (depending on the difficulty) and have to build only to the next station in the shortest time possible. The train has one random additional wagon and the an upgrade-crate on the map can be picked up and placed on any wagon to upgrade it mid-game.


In sandbox, the players directly start in a configuration station (similar to the shop in endless) where they can detach and attach wagons from the set of all previously seen wagons. Also the engine can be changed into one of all previously seen ones and the train speed can be configured as well. When leaving the shop, a map segment depending on the engine taken will fly in and when players build to the next station, the configuration screen appears again.


In time, players have 20 minutes to build the track as far as they can, with these features:

- Your mining speed will increase by time. - There will be boxes (similar to quick) instead of bolts, which can be used to upgrade wagons or speed up the engine. - The biomes are randomly chosen after every station. - Missions can be completed for randomly chosen wagons, which can be acquired if you reach the station. - The shop is unavailable in time mode.

After the 20 minute timer has passed, the train spikes in speed and will continue to go down the track until it crashes. Players can still place tracks beyond this time.