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Missions are given out between stations in endless mode and will reward you with one bolt if solved.

The different types of missions are:

  • Stack a certain number of resources in one pile.
  • Collectively dash a specific number of times.
    • This number will vary depending on the number of players
  • Don't dash into another player.
  • Use only a set number of tracks to reach the station.
  • Place a set number of tracks ahead.
  • Don't let the train burn between two stations.
  • Let the train burn for a specified period of time.
  • Keep the crafting wagon busy for a period of time.
    • The length of time is determined by the crafting wagons (and their levels) you currently have.
  • Don't produce any track for a period of time.
    • This includes the time before the arrival of this station and the time waiting for the departure, but the time period must be consecutive.
  • Don't kill any animals.
    • This includes killing water-based animals (like ducks) with building a bridge onto them, but not enemy creatures.
  • Kill all animals.
  • Have a number of milkable creatures attached to the milking wagon.
    • This mission will only appear if the train has a milking wagon.
  • Use a minimum amount of dynamite.
    • This mission will only appear if the train has a dynamite wagon.
  • Prevent any player from getting eliminated.
    • This mission will only appear if the train has a dynamite wagon, or is already in the snow biome or later.
  • Only one player is allowed to pick up a certain tool.

If players choose to ignore/miss the train station in endless mode, the mission will not be reset nor be replaced by a new one and can be progressed before you actually reach a station. You can use this way to solve missions that haven't been solved (e.g., dash for a number of times), but it's usually not necessary.