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When starting a game without any other players, you'll be given a robot companion for singleplayer sessions. In versus sessions, each team with less than two members will be filled up with a robot. The robot can be controlled via the Ping-Tool (Left-Mouse-Btn or [Q] or [Right-Analog-Stick-Press] and emojis ([Ctrl], [L/R-Trigger]. Check out the FAQ for more details concerning the controls.

Using the Ping Tool

A path-ping giving precise orders to the bot.
A single dot ping. The bot decides the exact path on its own.

For most modes, the bot expects the player to create pings to act at a desired position in the map. Pings can be either placed as path or as single dot (just accept twice a single ping location). When using a single dot, the bot will decide on it's on which path to the dot is relevant. The planned path by the bot can be visualized when holding the emoji-wheel button.


Possible actions the bot can perform.
On the second page, only the angry-emoji is gameplay relevant for controlling the bot.

By selecting an emoji, the bot starts and continues (forever) performing an action represented by the emoji. Some actions can fail and the bot will respond with a warning sign or a specific emoji showing what is missing. If the impediment is solved, the bot directly continues with the action.


The bot mines rocks preferably on the path to the ping or in front of the train otherwise.


Same as the rock/stone mode but for trees using the axe.


The bot collects resources, puts them on the box wagon and takes crafted tracks from the crafting wagon or from around the map and puts it in front of the last track. If no ping is set, the bot is very hesitant in putting tracks in front of the train.


The bot tries to find the water bucket, tries to fill it with water and tries to extinguish burning wagons.


The bot tries to re-load dynamite wagons and takes the dynamite to a position surrounded by many rocks/trees and which is close to a ping.

Fill box wagon

Very similar to the "tracks"-mode but the bot will not use the tracks to connect them to the main railroad. Instead, it tries to create stacks close to the ending of the railroad.

Fill all wagons

Similar to "fill box wagon"-mode but the bot also fills up other wagons.


The bot tries to build bridges on the ping-path (or path to the ping-dot).


The bot tries to kill animals.

Heart-Eyes & Thinking

The bot tries to accompany the player emotionally.