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Mechanics and Game Modes Introduction


How can I play together with my friend?

You have to open a private online lobby via Play Game > Online > Create Private Lobby or you have to stay in any (public) lobby with less than 4 players. Your friend can then join you by either:

- Entering the session ID after navigating in game to Play Game > Online > Join Private Lobby,
- Right-clicking on your profile in their Steam friends list and then clicking on Join Game,
- Or by clicking on your Discord icon and then clicking on Ask to Join,
- Or you can (while being in the lobby) click on the + in the Discord message bar and on Invite <channel> to play Unrailed! to send an invite out to a channel.

Can I play with multiple local players online?

Yes! With multiple local players you can join any online game that wouldn't have more than 4 players once everyone joined (you can join a party of 2 if you are a party of 2 yourself, but you can't join a party of 3 or more). Just enter the game with all local players before joining an online lobby.

- Note that you can for example play with two local players online against two other players playing locally at another device.

Can I play across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch & PC platforms (Crossplay / Cross-Platform)?

Yes! Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games players can play together online (Crossplay). To join a private lobby, you must know the lobby's ID code (Session ID). You can find sessions via the official session browser website or in-game with the Steam and Epic Games versions.

Controls/Input & Emojis

Keyboard Map

We support 1 keyboard and up to 4 controllers. Furthermore each input device can be used as two using the Split Input button. Keyboard controls can be remapped by following the instructions found in the #faq channel of the Official Unrailed! Discord Server.


[Image by SkipperTheBoss]

Controller Map

This is the default controller configuration.


How to use emotes / emojis in game

On keyboard [CTRL] or [E] opens the emoji wheel in-game and [SPACE] switches pages. With a controller, you can open the menu by pressing the [L] trigger (1st page) or [R] trigger (2nd page). To switch pages (and also access the 3rd page), press the [Right Analog Stick]. The first 2 pages of emojis all have keyboard keybinds for quicker accessibility. See the keyboard map above or the emoji cheatsheet below:


[Image of emote wheel pages 1 & 2 by Konjac Potage, page 3 adapted by Stencil]

How can I remap the keyboard bindings?

Put a keyboardremapsingle.txt, keyboardremapleft.txt or keyboardremapright.txt into #Game File Directory/

An example can be found here: File:keyboardremapsingle.txt. Note that all lines starting with # are comments and not active. If you want to change the EmojiTrigger button to [P], add the line:

EmojiTrigger P


The game runs with suboptimal FPS or has micro lags

Either lower your graphics or add the launch option --force-opengl by right clicking on Unrailed in your Steam library, and going to General > Set Launch Options.

How can I change the graphics settings?

- From the main menu walk and click on Settings > Graphics. 
- If the game is running too slow to change it in game, then in: #Game File Directory/settings.txt
- You can find the line quality x where x is a number. (5 for very low, 0 for low, 1 medium, 2 high, 3 very high, 4 ultra)

How to see farther to the right and left

The visible distance is determined by the rendering aspect ratio. Players with ultra wide screens can see significantly farther than those playing on 4:3 monitors. If you do not wish to buy an ultra wide monitor, you can also change the game's resolution in the settings file and reduce the height of the screen.

- Open the graphics settings in game and set the resolution to max. This resolution should match the resolution of your monitor.
- Open the settings file.
- Find or add the entry `resolutionwidth` and set the value to the width of your monitor resolution. Important! The key and the value should be separated by a tab, not a space.
- Find or add the entry `resolutionheight` and set the value to the desired height.
- Find or add the entry `windowmode` and set the value to 1.
- Open the game and play in windowed mode

How can I move the in-game status bar showing the distance, train speed and tasks to the right?

When playing on a widescreen monitor while streaming, you might want to see the status bar in the center of your screen(s). For that, you can edit the settings.txt (see above where to find it) and add (or modify if existing)

taskbaroffsetx y

to move the taskbar y pixels to the right.

Supporter Pack

Can I buy the Supporter Pack on consoles?

The Supporter Pack is current only available on Steam. However, the console versions provide already the in-game content directly (the skins & the extra wagon).

Is it possible to buy the soundtrack separately?

If you only want the soundtrack or would like to support the musicians, check out the Unrailed! - Soundtrack on Bandcamp.

How can I activate the supporter pack?

In the steam library, right click on Unrailed! -> [Properties]. Then click on the [DLC] tab and activate the Supporter Pack checkbox.

Where can I find to Papercraft templates, Wallpapers or Avatar pictures?

First make sure the supporter pack is activated as explained above. Then right click on the game on Steam -> [Manage] -> [Browse Local Files]. Now navigate to the bonus content folder and then to the Papercraft, Wallpaper or Profile Pictures folder.

How can I activate the Slot Machine Wagon?

You can activate the Slot Machine Wagon in the settings in game under "Supporter Pack". Note that it appears in local games or online when the host has it activated.

Startup / Crashes

My game does not start from Steam

Here a summary of what helped many people if the game does not start:

  1. (If you have a M1 mac) Follow the instructons here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1016920/discussions/3/3113644379489050878/
  2. Verify files via steam (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335)
  3. Try to start as with the following launch option (right click on the title, set launch options...): --force-opengl (remove it again if it does not help)
  4. (Windows only) Repair/Reinstall the C++ Redistributable 2013 (64bit version) https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=40784
  5. (Windows only) Repair/Reinstall .net framework 4.8 or newer https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net48
  6. Update your graphics card drivers

If none of the points helped and you're running Windows, please:

- Look for .dmp files in %localappdata%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Unrailed\GameState\AllPlayers and look for the the most recent one.
  - If there are no .dmp files, open the windows error log ([Win]+[R] and enter eventvwr, check under "Application") and look for errors occuring during the startup and send me all details.
- Open dxdiag ([Win]+[R] and enter dxdiag) and click "Save all informations... " and send me the file.
- Post the files in Discord (https://discord.gg/unrailed) under #bugs.

Game File Directory

- Windows: %localappdata%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Unrailed\GameState\AllPlayers 
- MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/UnrailedGame/GameState/AllPlayers/
- Linux: ~/.local/share/UnrailedGame/GameSate/AllPlayers