Slot Machine Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The slot machine wagon can only be accessed if you have the paid Supporter Pack DLC, and can be activated in the settings of the main menu by enabling the Supporter Wagon.

When dashed into, the slot machine Wagon spins each of its wheels, landing on an O, #, I, or X. If the 2 wheels are matching, you are given the respective drop: wood or iron, rails, a stick of dynamite, or an immediate explosion. The level and amount of resources given depend on the tier of the wagon, giving better rewards but also greater risk..

Commodities (O-O) Rail Amount (#-#) Dynamite Level (I-I) Blast Radius (X-X) Bolt Cost
LVL 1 Commodities.png 1 Track.png 1 Dynamite.png 1 1 Bolt.png 1
LVL 2 Commodities.png 3 Track.png 2 Dynamite 2.png 2 3 Bolt.png 2
LVL 3 Commodities.png 5 Track.png 3 Dynamite 3.png 3 5 Bolt.png 3
LVL 4 (Supercharged 3.png) Commodities.png 7 Track.png 4 Dynamite 4.png 4 7 -
LVL 5 (2x Supercharged 3.png) Commodities.png 9 Track.png 5 Dynamite 4.png 5 9 -