Milk Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The milk wagon can be used to milk certain animals in each biome. The player has to carry an animal to the wagon and attach it to the wagon. Animals follow the train slightly but will not keep up and detach from the wagon, camels are the only animal capable of keeping up with the train as they are attracted to the tank wagon. When the milking wagon fills up, players can dash into it to gain a specific benefit for a short period of time (roughly 20 seconds).

Supercharging increases the milking speed, producing more charges in less time.

Milking different animals at the same time will give multiple benefits. As long as 1 charge is left in the wagon cart, the power of the milk from all animals is retained.

The milk wagon can be upgraded twice with its capacity of milk is increased with two each time. This makes it so that multiple players can get the buff without having to wait until the milk wagon fills up again.

Animal Biome Milk Buff + Bucket Buff
Cow Grasslands Triples chopping and mining speed; 1-hit breaking. Harvest resources with any tool.
Camel Desert Quadruples player carry capacity (12 Commodities). Octuples player carry capacity (24 Commodities).
Walrus Snow Melts snow instantly beneath the player. -
Magma Hell Ghost power; Players can walk through animals and each other. -
Uses Bolt Cost
LVL 1 2 Bolt.png 2
LVL 2 4 Bolt.png 2
LVL 3 6 Bolt.png 3
LVL 4 (Supercharged 3.png) 6 -
LVL 5 (2x Supercharged 3.png) 6 -