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From left to right: Standard steam engine, Improved steam engine, Turbo diesel engine, Nuclear fission engine, Rocket booster engine

The train is the central focus of Unrailed!, and when it crashes the game ends.

The train is being pulled by an engine and consists out of three other wagons: the Crafter, Storage, and the Tank. When playing Endless mode, additional wagons can be purchased with bolts; when playing a quick game, additional wagons will already be added to the train.

Upgrading the train engine serves 4 purposes in endless:

* It progresses the party into the next Biome,
* It resets the speed of the train, no matter how fast it was going,
* It allows the train to hold more wagon slots,
* It increases the light radius of the engine during nights.

It is recommended to upgrade the train only when it is going too fast to keep up with it and as early as collecting the orange bolt.

There are thirteen types of wagons that can be added to the train and each type of wagon can be upgraded two times to improve them with the exception of the Light and Compass wagon. In addition to the different types of wagons, there are also five different types of engines. Each of these is linked with a specific biome. When the engine is upgraded the train will be able to carry an extra wagon.

Engine Biome # of wagons
Standard steam engine Plains 5
Improved steam engine Desert 6
Turbo diesel engine Snow 7
Heavy nuclear engine Hell 8
Rocket booster engine Space 9
High-tech Mars rover Mars 10
Nostalgic space bus engine Ending

Types of Wagons

* See Wagons