Storage Wagon

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Basic starting train when playing endless. from left to right: Crafter, Storage, Tank, Standard steam engine.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The storage wagon is used to store commodities of resources (iron and wood). It is 1 of 3 essential starting wagons that generate upon starting a game. Resources from the storage unit are automatically fed to the Crafter to create train tracks. A storage wagon can hold 3 pieces of each resource at a time, and can be upgraded twice in Endless game mode to increase its holding capacity.

Stack Size Bolt Cost
LVL 1 Commodities.png 3 Bolt.png 3
LVL 2 Commodities.png 5 Bolt.png 1
LVL 3 Commodities.png 7 Bolt.png 2
LVL 4 (Supercharged 3.png) Commodities.png 9 (+2 per Supercharger) -