Ghost Wagon

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Levels 1-3

The ghost wagon allows the players to walk through it so that they don't have to go around the train. This can be especially helpful on maps with less spare spaces. Upgrading the ghost wagon will make the wagons next to it also have the ghostly effects, and furthermore if upgraded again.

Note: In the current version, the train engine is no longer affected by the ghost wagon. You still need to plan the track route in consideration of being blocked by the engine.

Carts Affected By Ghost Bolt Cost
LVL 1 1 (Self) Bolt.png 2
LVL 2 3 (Self + 1 adjacent on each side) Bolt.png 2
LVL 3 5 (Self + 2 adjacent on each side) Bolt.png 3
LVL 4 (Supercharged 3.png) 7 (Self + 3 adjacent on each side) -
LVL 5 (2x Supercharged 3.png) 9 (Self + 4 adjacent on each side) -