Collector Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The collector wagon has the unique ability to gather nearby materials lying on the ground directly into the Storage on the train. It cannot collect unharvested resources. Also, if there's no space in storage for a specific kind of resources, that kind of resources will not be vacuumed. The wagon must be fueled with wood that will slowly deplete after a short period.

Note that collector might have a negative effect when trying to solve "Stack "X" commodities on a single pile" missions, since it will just "help" pick them up.

Upgrades will increase its working speed and absorbing range.

Pick-Up Speed Absorption Radius Fuel Capacity Bolt Cost
LVL 1 5 2 Wood.png 3 Bolt.png 2
LVL 2 2.25 4 Wood.png 5 Bolt.png 2
LVL 3 1.5 6 Wood.png 7 Bolt.png 3
LVL 4 (Supercharged 3.png) .75 8 Wood.png 9 -
LVL 5 (2x Supercharged 3.png) Instant 10 Wood.png 11 -