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There are different types of creatures that inhabit specific biomes. Creatures can be either passive or aggressive. Passive creatures can have little to no impact to the players other than simply being in the path of the tracks. Aggressive creatures may have serious effects on the players and can potentially end the game. Milkable creatures can be attached to the milk wagon to give unique abilities to players upon drinking milk.

Milkable Creatures

Creature Type Biome Behaviour
Cow Passive Plains Walks around randomly.
Camel Passive Desert Will follow and drink from the water wagon and bucket.
Walrus Passive Snow Idle creature.
Magma Slimes Aggressive Hell Will try to attach to the engine or wagons setting them on fire. Can be extinguished using the water bucket, but will replenish its fire properties by going to the nearest lava source.

Aggressive Creatures

Creature Biome Behaviour
Bandit Plains Will steal resources and throw them from the edge of the map. Can be lured away by looking at them directly.
Outlaw Desert Same behaviour and mechanics as the bandit, but can have the ability to also take tracks.
Yeti Snow Will smash the ground causing players to drop items.
Ghost Hell Will possess the player mirroring movement controls.

Passive Creatures

Creatures Biome
Duck Plains
Flamingo Desert
Penguin Snow