Crafting Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Basic starting train when playing endless. from left to right: Crafter, Storage, Tank, Standard steam engine.

The crafting wagon forges rails. It is 1 of the 3 essential starting wagons that generate upon starting a game. As rails are forged, resources in the storage will deplete until none remain. The crafting wagon will also stop forging once the maximum stack size of rails is reached.

A crafting wagon can be upgraded twice in Endless game mode. If players upgrade this wagon, the next iteration will yield rails at an increased rate. The players will also benefit from a higher limit of rails that can be forged and then stored on the crafting wagon.


The default location of the wagon is in the rear of the train. This isn't optimal because of the importance of tracks, swapping the crafting wagon with the tank wagon is recommended. Moving the Crafter to the front is possible within the shop. Simply pickup the Crafter and drop it in place of the Tank once you connect your train to the first station.

Once the crafting wagon is fully upgraded or even is super boosted as well, then it's best to ignore the "keep the crafting wagon busy for X seconds" missions, as the Crafter will instantly craft tracks.


Crafting Speed Stack Size Bolt Cost
LVL 1 3.2s   3   None
LVL 2 2.0s   5   1
LVL 3 0.8s   7   2
LVL 4 ( ) Instant   9   2+
LVL 5 (2x  ) Instant   11   3+