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There are 40 different achievements for Unrailed!


Name Notes
Incurious.jpg Incurious Discover other biomes.
Mojave Courier.jpg Mojave Courier Spend 30 continuous minutes in the Desert.
Nanuk.jpg Nanuk Spend 30 continues minutes in the Snow.
Satan's Minion.jpg Satan's Minion Spend 30 continuous minutes in Hell.
Apollo 13.jpg Apollo 13 Spend 30 continuous minutes in Space.
Rocketman.jpg Rocketman Fly around with the jetpack for 30 minutes in one round.
TerminalStation.jpg Terminal Station Reach the terminal station (final biome) in endless.


Easy* Medium** Hard*** Notes
Stroller.jpg Hiker.jpg Voyager.jpg Wayfarer.jpg Explorer.jpg Stroller





Reach (100/200/500/1,000/2,000 m) in Easy endless mode.
Advanced Stroller.jpg Advanced Hiker.jpg Advanced Voyager.jpg Advanced Wayfarer.jpg Advanced Explorer.jpg Advanced Stroller

Advanced Hiker

Advanced Voyager

Advanced Wayfarer

Advanced Explorer

Reach (100/200/500/1,000/2,000 m) in Medium endless mode.
Expert Stroller.jpg Expert Hiker.jpg Expert Voyager.jpg Expert Wayfarer.jpg Expert Explorer.jpg Expert Stroller

Expert Hiker

Expert Voyager

Expert Wayfarer

Expert Explorer

Reach (100/200/500/1,000/2,000 m) in Hard endless mode.

Tracks Placed[edit]

Name Notes
Toy Train.jpg Toy Train Build 500m of tracks in endless mode.
Orient Express.jpg Orient Express Build 1,000m of tracks in endless mode.
Trans-Siberian Railway.jpg Trans-Siberian Railway Build 2,000m of tracks in endless mode.
Deep Space Transit.jpg Deep Space Transit Build 4,000m of tracks in endless mode.


Name Notes
Collector.jpg Collector Unlock everything you can unlock.
Cowter Space.jpg Cowter Space Bring a cow into Space.
Destructionist.jpg Destructionist Use 100 dynamite.
Ducky Danger.jpg Ducky Danger Remove 100 ducks with dynamite.
Engineer.jpg Engineer Craft over 10,000 tracks over multiple games.
Industrialist.jpg Industrialist Keep the crafting wagon busy for an entire continuous minute.
Leet.jpg Leet Crash the train at exactly 1337m.
Marathon.jpg Marathon Move your character 42,195 meters (squares).
Missed Opportunities.jpg Missed Opportunities Guide the train past 50 stations without stopping in them. (Doesn't have to be done in one round)
Scrooge.jpg Scrooge Hoard 25 bolts without spending them.
Sheppard.jpg Sheppard Have all four different animals attached to the milk wagon at the same time. (Cow, Camel, Walrus, Lava Hound)
Shopaholic.jpg Shopaholic Spend an hour in the shop.
Wrong Way.jpg Wrong Way Have your train travel to the left for at least 60m distance.
Lost.jpg Lost Hidden Achievement - Get lost in the menu screen. (Run for approximately 2-3 minutes in one direction in the main menu). Not obtainable during events. E.g. Halloween, Christmas.
Achievement Master.jpg Achievement Master Get all other achievements.
NoSpaceForImprov.jpg No Space For Improvement Reach the space biome without spending any bolts except for the engines.
FireFighter.jpg Fire fighter Extinguish 10 Lava Blobs in one game. Note that blobs can reignite in lava and can thus be extinguished multiple times.
Megalomaniac.jpg Megalomaniac Blow up 3 different types of animals at once with dynamite.
WhereTheyBelong.jpg Where They Belong Bring a bandit (grass biome) or outlaw (desert biome) into the lava biome.