Compass Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2

The compass wagon is a type of wagon that points towards the station. When upgraded to the second level it points in the direction of the best route to the station.

It will also bring up a mini map whose position and size can be modified in the pause menu. When stopped at a station, the mini map can show the beginning of the next level without starting the next round.


The map can be a good planning tool for beginners on hard or extreme difficulties. It allows players to plan ahead during dark or even before the level begins. It can also help identify paths behind tall rocks that cannot be seem from the regular camera angle.


Bolt Cost Mini Map Range Behind Mini Map Range Ahead
LVL 1 Bolt.png 1 10 25
LVL 2 Bolt.png 2 7 28
LVL 3 (Supercharged 3.png) Bolt.png 2+ 3 32
LVL 4 (2x Supercharged 3.png) Bolt.png 2+ 0 35

There is no bonus after level 4