Supercharger Wagon

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Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

The supercharger wagon raises the effective level of nearby wagons by one level while active. The range of the boost begins at one (directly adjacent wagons) and increases by one per additional upgrade of the supercharger, up to a maximum of three wagons distance in either direction. This effective level can increase the storage capacity of other wagons beyond their normal maximum, including the number of tracks held by the Crafter, and the wood and iron stack size of the Storage. This effective level also applies to passive wagon benefits, such as the Ghost.

The supercharger wagon requires iron to be loaded to operate, and gradually consumes the iron while outside of the shop. The supercharger wagon cannot be automatically loaded by other wagons. If the supercharger wagon is inactivated, boosted wagons will not eject excess commodities above their normal maximum.

The supercharger wagon will boost other wagons abilities beyond level three if they are already maximally upgraded. This can help the crafting wagon craft instantly instead of rapidly, a lot of wagons can hold additional commodities, a few of them will have their range increased, etc.

The supercharger wagon effect stacks, meaning that carts within the range of multiple supercharger the amount, which wagons are boosted, is determined by the number of supercharger wagons properly affecting the given wagon. Supercharger wagons do not affect each other, however.

Note: A supercharged level three crafting wagon will craft tracks instantly. It may not be possible to complete the mission to keep the crafting wagon occupied for any amount of time, even with an auto-pickup wagon, as the crafting wagon will fill with new tracks too rapidly to use and allow further crafting, and/or the resources in the storage wagon will immediately exhaust. It's best to ignore these missions.


A Supercharger is a great addition to the train, it can increase the effectiveness of almost every other wagon. Once fully upgraded, a single Supercharger will be able to boost 6 other wagons. If 2 Superchargers are used, then 6 other wagons will be boosted, of which 4 can be boosted twice (depending on the proximity of the Superchargers).


Range Fuel Capacity Bolt Cost


Box Cost

(Time Mode)

LVL 1 2 (1 Either Side) Iron.png 3 Bolt.png 2 TimeModeBox.png 0
LVL 2 4 (2 Either Side) Iron.png 3 Bolt.png 2 TimeModeBox.png 1
LVL 3 6 (3 Either Side) Iron.png 3 Bolt.png 3 TimeModeBox.png 1
LVL 4 8 (4 Either Side) Iron.png 3 / TimeModeBox.png 2
LVL 5 10 (5 Either Side) Iron.png 3 / TimeModeBox.png 3
LVL 6 12 (6 Either Side) Iron.png 3 / TimeModeBox.png 4
LVL 7 14 (7 Either Side) Iron.png 3 / TimeModeBox.png 5
LVL 8 16 (8 Either Side) Iron.png 3 / TimeModeBox.png 6